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Experience a simplistic understanding of material and gravity during, artist Austin Burnsides’ very special exhibition, ‘Blue Molly,’ running October 16 – November 1 at MadLab Theatre. Austin stated, “My motivations for these works deals with labor and ingenuity. I want these pieces to talk about the livelihood for blue-collar men and women by using their trades to describe their personality and who they are beyond face value. I engineer these sculptures and paintings to become fun, intriguing, or unique to describe more of a complex situation.”

View this exhibition October 16 – November 1 during the MadLab theatre production, “Memory Fragments” at 227 North 3rd Street in Columbus. There is no admission to view the artwork. Hours are: October 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, and November 1 from 7:00–8:00pm and by appointment.

An opening reception with light refreshments will be held Friday, October 17 from 5:00–7:00pm at MadLab Theatre and Gallery.

About the Artist: Austin Burnside

Austin is a young artist studying at Columbus College of Art and Design to get my BFA in Fine Arts. Predominantly Austin is a sculptural artist who manipulates materials in a precarious or a strangely kinetic fashion using mostly blue-collar building materials. A few materials frequently found in his works are, concrete, sheet metal, motors, and tar/construction adhesives. Austin combines these materials with his knowledge of building to bring a new light in an unconventional and mostly corky manner. 

Austin states, “As a young artist it is hard to get show opportunities outside of CCAD corporal limits. I expressed my concerns with my professors and one of them recommended me to Ohio Art League. I signed up to it and had an exponential rate of show opportunities. This organization has helped get my artwork out into the greater Columbus area and I am grateful for it.”